Property investing for everyone

In early 2022 we are launching the first stage of the MyBricks Platform; the MyBricks Wallet. Join the waitlist today for the MyBricks Wallet and claim 1,000 BRICKS.

BRICKS Contract address:


🧱 Property Yield Distributions For Holders

Holders will get yield from the Initial Property Portfolio when this is secured.

😀 Doxxed & Active Team

See the 5 founders and 10 members of the property development team here!

🔒 266 Year Locked Liquidity

Over $100,000 of liquidity provided on launch using best in class platform – Unicrypt!

🎉 Successfully Audited

See the audit here. CertiK audit planned for the future.

The Platform

What we’re building.

It’s our mission to make property investment accessible to everyone, delivering extraordinary returns for ordinary people.

With the future MyBricks platform you’ll be able to use your BRICKS tokens to purchase fractional ownership of property portfolios. Properties will generate monthly yield that will be distributed to all owners of that particular portfolio.

Each portfolio will also have unique perks for owners like low cost rental on premium accommodation, discounts on home improvement services and much more.

MyBricks allows you to take part in one of the most stable, high yield generating asset classes – bricks and mortar – without all the fees, hassle and large investment amounts that come with investing fiat. 

mybricks dashboard

The MyBricks Wallet. Launching soon.

The MyBricks Wallet is the first step on our journey towards making property investment accessible to everyone. As the foundation of the MyBricks platform, we’ve spent the past 3 months working with our partners to design and develop a best in class, web based application that allows you to securely buy and store your BRICKS tokens and future property NFTs.

When the very first MyBricks Property Portfolio NFTs launch later in 2022, the MyBricks Wallet is where you’ll need to secure your NFTs to generate a passive income from the rental yield. That’s why we’ve built the wallet to be user friendly in design and as secure as possible.


The road to MyBricks.

This roadmap will be updated as we move through our phases.


The fundamentals

A token with a utility

BRICKS is a real token with real-world utility in the multi trillion dollar property industry; we’re not just another meme coin.

Registered UK Company

MyBricks Finance has been formally registered in the UK. You can head over to Companies House and check for yourself.

Locked Liquidity for 266 Years

Property investing is for the long-term, so we need a liquidity pool to match. That’s why we locked over $100,000 of liquidity for 266 years using best in class platform – Unicrypt!

Holders get perks

We’re passionate about rewarding BRICKS token holders who join us on this journey. If you hold over 50,000 BRICKS, you’re in with a chance of winning 6 luxury weekend stays just for holding BRICKS!

Successfully Audited

The MyBricks token (BRICKS) has been successfully audited by Solidity.Finance. You can see our audit here.

A team with a face

We think transparency is important when it comes to crypto. That’s why we don’t hide our faces. Why not head over to our team page and get to know the team?


BRICKS tokenomics.

Created with long term sustainability as a priority.

Watch the video opposite to hear about how we’ve built the BRICKS tokenomics and distributed part of the initial supply to attract dedicated holders for the long term success of the MyBricks platform.

BRICKS Distributions On Launch

Total BRICKS Supply: 1,000,000,000

6% Transaction Commissions


2% Community:

These funds are to be used for community activities such as giveaways, airdrops, charity contributions and more.


2% Project:

These funds are used by the product, marketing and management team to build, launch and innovate the MyBricks platform.


2% Team:

These funds are used to pay the team once the project requires fixed and part time roles to develop the platform.


Valuable holders’ perks.

Sharing the vision with an engaged community on the road to MyBricks.

We’re passionate about rewarding BRICKS token holders who join us on this journey. That’s why we’ve launched a significant perks scheme for holders of 50,000 or more BRICKS tokens.

Be in with a chance of winning 6 luxury weekend stays just for holding BRICKS!

Watch the video opposite to learn more.


Asset backed redistribution for holders.

This is token redistribution with actual utility.

24% of tokens have been allocated for the Property Holders Fund and have been split into 12 individual wallets that contain 20,000,000 BRICKS each (2%). 

These wallets are to be sold to high net worth individuals so we can start investing in property without affecting the price of the token. 

These properties will generate monthly rental income; this yield is redistributed to all BRICKS holders.

Watch your BRICKS grow while being backed by real life tangible assets, increasing in value over time.


266 years of locked liquidity with Unicrypt.

Securing value and reducing risk with Unicrypt.

Our liquidity pool was raised via secure Unicrypt ILO. The LP was launched on PancakeSwap and locked by Unicrypt for 266 years. 

Know your investment in BRICKS is being treated seriously by a fully active team and with a driven mission to change the future of property investment.


Meet the founding team.

Founder CEO of Expert Trades and co-founder of RC Capital (Property Investment Company); Adam has a deep understanding of the construction supply chain and manages a community of over 27,500 trades professionals.

Adam Callow


Head of Electronic Order Flow for a Global Financial Technology Company and co-founder of RC Capital (Property Investment Company); Alex provides a deep understanding of the inner workings of market-making, deal flow, and algorithmic trading to support the coin’s growth.

Alex Rowles

Head of Fund Management

Founder of Tribecto Automations (Scaleable Systems Specialist Agency); Sam has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, business automation, and process optimisation.

Sam Wilcox

Head of Product

Content creator, founder and producer of UK top ten podcast (ranking above Tim Ferris in HSBC Business charts) and deployed successful product launch campaigns in the UK, USA and Australia.

Harrison Mudge

Head of Content

Award-winning growth marketer, specialising in developing, deploying and scaling performance marketing strategies with deep experience of the mechanics of all digital channels.

Danny Bach

Head of Marketing