Tech Alchemy Join As The Official MyBricks Tech Partner

Written by Sam Wilcox

August 2, 2021

Since the very inception of the MyBricks idea, we’ve been seeking the perfect tech partner to help turn our vision of property investing into a reality. The MyBricks team has all of the elements needed to run a successful business in this industry but we were very aware that if we are to be successful long term, we had to find the best tech parter to join the mission and help guide the MyBricks platform build.

After weeks of meetings with countless tech agencies and development shops across the globe, we narrowed our focus down to a handful of highly reputable tech teams based in London. While the nature of the work being done to build the MyBricks platform can be done from anywhere in the world, we know first hand how being in the same room for critical strategy meetings can drastically improve the quality of the output of any business, especially in it’s infancy. That’s why we were thrilled when we came across the Tech Alchemy team and saw that they were based in the tech hub of the UK.

After a handful of initial meetings with Soham and Arjun at Tech Alchemy, it was clear that not only was their location perfect, but their level of technical experience and exposure to startup entrepreneurship was unmatched by anyone else we had spoken with. With huge amounts of experience in blockchain development projects, cutting edge app design and a clear understanding and excitement for the MyBricks vision, we decided that Tech Alchemy were the perfect fit for this project.

Today, I couldn’t be happier to announce this partnership to our community and I speak for myself and the MyBricks team when I say that we’re incredibly excited to start the journey of the MyBricks platform development this week. We’ll be sure to share key updates from the project development with our amazing community of BRICKS holders at key milestones in the journey.

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