Meet the Team

We’ve built a world class team with expertise in various disciplines to build MyBricks Finance Limited into a sustainable and successful business. 

Founding Team

The founding team are responsible for the growth of MyBricks.

Founder CEO of Expert Trades and co-founder of RC Capital (Property Investment Company); Adam has a deep understanding of the construction supply chain and manages a community of over 27,500 trades professionals.

Adam Callow


Head of Electronic Order Flow for a Global Financial Technology Company and co-founder of RC Capital (Property Investment Company); Alex provides a deep understanding of the inner workings of market-making, deal flow, and algorithmic trading to support the coin’s growth.

Alex Rowles

Head of Fund Management

Founder of Tribecto Automations (Scaleable Systems Specialist Agency); Sam has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, business automation, and process optimisation.

Sam Wilcox

Head of Product

Content creator, founder and producer of UK top ten podcast (ranking above Tim Ferris in HSBC Business charts) and deployed successful product launch campaigns in the UK, USA and Australia.

Harrison Mudge

Head of Content

Award-winning growth marketer, specialising in developing, deploying and scaling performance marketing strategies with deep experience of the mechanics of all digital channels.

Danny Bach

Head of Marketing

Property Development Team

Ten shareholders that are committed to delivering successful renovations through supporting and working with the trade community.


Part time self employed Plumber who developed a deep love for trading. Founder of Tradesmen to Forex community supporting hundreds of trades develop their skills in trading. Also a 100k funded Forex Trader.

Shaun Mapp

Co-founder of Glazing Hub with 12 years experience in the Fenestration industry working with small/medium size businesses and developers. Strong believer in the combination of blockchain technology and bricks and mortar as an investment vehicle.

Joe Meftah

Plumbing and Heating Engineer of over 10 years with vast experience in the new build industry. Forex and Crypto currency trader and strong believer in the use case of Blockchain technology and its uncapped potential.

Cameron Cook

25 years experience as a tradesman running his own heating and plumbing business. Manages property as a landlord and trades the currency and crypto markets. Every moment not working is spent with family.

Matt Lakins

Domestic, commercial gas and electrical engineer specialising in maintenance. Been self employed and running my small to medium business since 2017. Began crypto investing in 2018.

Steve Simmonds

Runs a successful plumbing and heating business of 11 years. Began trading over 12 months ago and regularly trades crypto and forex markets. Spend a lot of my time researching the world of cryptocurrency.

Sam Jones

Self employed trades professional. Nearly 20 years in the construction industry, so I’m a multi trader and now a complete bespoke bathroom renovation specialist.Trades Forex, HFX and cryptocurrency.

Andy Gray

Background is in people management. A regular trader who also works with a community of traders offering training to increase their understanding and profits.

Justin Marlow

Electrician running his own business since 2016. Began investing and trading cryptocurrencies in 2020.

Gareth Bennett

Is MyBricks Regulated?

We are conscious that property is a security and participation in this market may come with regulatory requirements.

Cryptocurrencies currently operate in a fluid and dynamic regulatory environment and we are engaged with legal counsel to navigate this.

During the build of the MyBricks platform, we are committed to having all necessary legal requirements in place ahead of platform launch. We are excited to pioneer this space and build a long-term profitable, sustainable and fully sanctioned business model in property investment with blockchain technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrency at its core.