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The MyBricks Wallet. Launching soon.

The MyBricks Wallet is the first step on our journey towards making property investment accessible to everyone. As the foundation of the MyBricks platform, we’ve spent the past 3 months working with our partners to design and develop a best in class, web based application that allows you to securely buy and store your BRICKS tokens and future property NFTs.

When the very first MyBricks Property Portfolio NFTs launch later in 2022, the MyBricks Wallet is where you’ll need to secure your NFTs to generate a passive income from the rental yield. That’s why we’ve built the wallet to be user friendly in design and as secure as possible.

Our Platform Partners

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Claim 1,000 BRICKS

Join the waitlist for the MyBricks platform today. Create your wallet within the first 4 weeks of platform launch and we’ll automatically deposit 1,000 BRICKS into your account. Simple.

We’re Making Property Investing Better For Everyone

MyBricks is on a mission to make property investment accessible to everyone. Whether you have £10 or £10,000 to spend, we believe you should be able to easily take part in one of the most reliable asset classes in the world – property.

We’re on the road to building a property investment platform that will allow you to own a fraction of a portfolio and generate yield from the rental income of the properties in the portfolio.

Our aim is to provide the best yield rates possible by tailoring these portfolios around attractive short term let properties that generate higher than average returns for portfolio owners.

BRICKS tokens that are purchased today can be spent on purchasing fractions of a portfolio when the first MyBricks portfolio launches mid 2022.


Browse property portfolios like you browse proprties on Rightmove / Zillow and see their expected monthly yield.


Spend BRICKS to purchase NFT contracts that represent ownership of a percentage of the portfolio.


All yield generated by a portfolio will be redistributed in BRICKS via smart contracts back to your wallet.

Our First Property

In just 4 weeks of publicly launching MyBricks, we bought property #1 – MyBricks Callington.

We’re currently sourcing property #2 and #3 ready for our first portfolio launch in mid-2022. Join the waitlist for the platform today ready to use your BRICKS on the first MyBricks portfolio.

The MyBricks Roadmap


The Fundamentals

A token with a utility

BRICKS is a real token with real-world utility in the multi trillion dollar property industry; we’re not just another meme coin.

Registered UK Company

MyBricks Finance has been formally registered in the UK. You can head over to Companies House and check for yourself.

Locked Liquidity for 266 Years

Property investing is for the long-term, so we need a liquidity pool to match. That’s why we locked over $100,000 of liquidity for 266 years using best in class platform – Unicrypt!

Holders get perks

We’re passionate about rewarding BRICKS token holders who join us on this journey. If you hold over 50,000 BRICKS, you’re in with a chance of winning 6 luxury weekend stays just for holding BRICKS!

Successfully Audited

The MyBricks token (BRICKS) has been successfully audited by Solidity.Finance. You can see our audit here.

A team with a face

We think transparency is important when it comes to crypto. That’s why we don’t hide our faces. Why not head over to our team page and get to know the team?


When is the MyBricks Wallet expected to launch?
We’re expecting to launch the MyBricks wallet in late Jan / early Feb 2022. Join the waitlist to be the first to know our exact launch date so you don’t miss out on claiming your 1,000 BRICKS.
What can I do with the MyBricks wallet?
The MyBricks wallet will allow you to buy BRICKS direct, meaning you won’t need to use third party platforms like PancakeSwap. You’ll also be able to easily track the value of your BRICKS and safely store them ready to purchase property NFTs in mid-2022.
How do I claim my 1,000 BRICKS?
Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything for you. As long as you create your MyBricks wallet within the first 4 weeks of the platform launch, your BRICKS will automatically be deposited into your account.
When can I purchase property NFTs?
The next phase of the platform is expecting to launch mid 2022, where you’ll be able to purchase property NFTs and contractually own fractional amounts of a property portfolio; entirely visible on the blockchain.

Got another question?

Come and join our Discord channel and speak to the founders of MyBricks.


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